Parent Resources

Parents below you will find a collection of resources that we hope you will find helpful in assisting your student(s) as they grow through middle school.  As more resources become available we hope to add to this list.


General Homework Help

Math Help - These are free websites.  Some are better than others.

Khan Academy

Xtra Math

Free Math Help

Algebra Help

Math Help - there are lessons for pre-algebra and Algebra I.  Other help may also be available.

Math Papa

Math Papa Algebra specific lessons


Science Resource Links



The Science Spot

National Geographic Education

Engineering Is Elementary

Engineer Your World

International Technology and Engineering


Future City

The Infinity Project


TechBridge for Girls

Interactive Science Notebooks

Science Fair Resources



Internet 4 Classrooms (Science)

Internet 4 Classrooms (Biology)

Internet 4 Classrooms (Chemistry)


Internet 4 Classrooms (Earth and Space Science)


Internet 4 Classrooms (Astronomy)


BBC Science

Explore Learning

Science Net

Explore Learning Labs

Explore Learning Motion and Force

Explore Learning Fluids

Explore Learning Light and Sound

Explore Learning Electricity and Magnetism

Explore Learning Fundamentals of Measurement

Explore Learning Chemical Reactions

Explore Learning Energy, Matter, & Their Interactions

Chemistry 4 Kids

Periodic Table Game

Creative Chemistry

The Physics Classroom

Interactive Chemistry

Interactive Physics

Explore Learning Earth's Surface and Interior

NASA Solar System Exploration

Windows to the Universe

Explore Learning Earth's Oceans & Water Effects

Explore Learning Earth, Moon, and Sun

Explore Learning Solar System and the Universe

Explore Learning Measurement and Lab Skills

Galaxy Hunter

Space Hopper

Hubble Deep Field Academy

Explore Learning Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate

The Truth about Black Holes

Biology In Motion

The Biology Corner

DNA from the Beginning

DNA Zoom

Learn Genetics

Dog Cloning

DNA Profiling

Gene Probe

Gene Splicing

Thylacine Cloning

Zero Bib

DNA Translation and Sequencing

Explore Learning Heredity and Genetics

Explore Learning Cells

Explore Learning Digestive System

Explore Learning Ecology and Interdependence

Science Video Archives


Science Printouts

Bio Interactive

Inner Body Interactive

Inside a Cell Interactive

Vascular Plant Interactive


Interactive Sky Charts

Space Sense Games

Interactive Periodic Table

The Atoms' Family

Electricity and Magnetism

Inventors and Inventions

Creative Chemistry Crossword

Optics Work Bench

Magnet Lab

Blobz Electricity

DNA Detective

All Systems Go

The Amazing Human Body

The 3D Brain Puzzle

How the Body Works Movies

Cells Alive!

The Scientific Method Movie

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